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Proudly playing Canadian Artists & their music

Our shows feature plenty of music and stories about the artists. Our volunteer team of presenters has spent 50+ years working on the dial in AM and FM broadcasting. Now on the internet, we’ve digitized our record collections to bring you the classic tracks of the 50s, 60's, 70's, 80's and more. Click below to read more about us and our shows.

Off The Record

John Einarson

Golden's Oldies

The Chris Golden Show

Mid-Century Memories with

Jim Ingebrigtsen

Bill's Folk Festival

Bill Quinn

Flora & Fauna with Shauna Dobbie

Music From The North Shore with Greg Gardner

Issue In The News

Dorothy Dobbie

the Retro Rec Room with Captain Alex & Johnny Lightning

Dwight MacAulay

Ian Leatt

Lisa Lewis

Social Media

Quest for Silver

Chris Tuffer


John Einarson

Night Moves

John Einarson

My Generation with

John Einarson

The Night Breeze with Captain Alex

Jim Ingebrigtsen's

Radio Redux

Lifestyles 55 Radio Classic Tracks